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About Us

Panaroma Global Trade Sdn Bhd is a division of Panorama Oil and Gas Sdn Bhd was established in 2011 located in Kuala Lumper , Malaysia, We are leading trader and distributer of a wide range of products including Industrial Chemicals  , in order to facilitate the development of distributing Malaysian  chemicals (Foaming agents ) , Linear alkyl benzene (Labsa), Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Ethylene glycol families  Malaysian Monoethylene glycol, Malaysian Diethylene Glycol, Malaysian Triethylene glycol, Malaysian  Acetic acid, Malaysian Mono ethanol amine, and our polymer products Malaysian Low density polyethylene(LDPE)  , rubber products  (Syntheticstandard natural Malaysian rubber , and rubber process oil (RPO), styrene butadiene rubber ), Base oil , particularly in emerging markets across the world in more than 90 countries mainly in east of Africa and Asia Due to our great ability in devising on optimal and dependable sourcing. Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd  products have captured a substantial share of the market. The importance of having the adequate infrastructure and expert human resources to buy products in bulk and direct from reliable manufacturer allows us to provide for our customers the best possible competitive pricing with respect to meet the high quality world-class standard. 

It has made our customers to trust us. Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd goal is customer satisfaction. Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd are up to supply the Malaysian Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid (Labsa) and Malaysian Sodium Lauryl sulfate (SLS),  Malaysian Mono ethylene glycol (MEG) Malaysian triethylene glycol (TEG), Malaysian  Diethylene glycol (DEG), Mono ethanol amine (MEA), Acetic acid, low density polyethylene (LDPE) , Our rubber products (SMR, SBR, PBR) with the highest standards from one source below to factories price.

Our significant Global trading

A significant part of our business ethical concerning, is to reach the maximum possible satisfaction of our clients we always care about their technical requirement, international standards, environmental issues, quality exceptions in addition to considering mortality . We look forward to serving you as our client and partner for the future.

We are an honorable company that  relying on the wide range of our capabilities  which is derived from our experience in our business and using knowledge and science of the day  we have been able to create opportunities for subsidiaries and their partners to enable them to grow as much as possible and together approach Holding’s future goals. Due to our successful experience in the field of chemical products in recent years and recognition of our company.

Why our loyal clients choose us

We insure our customers to get the right product. Panorama global trade Sdn Bhd offer special products like acetic acid which has various using’s in too many fields in industry and also beside that all types of ethylene glycol (MEG, DEG, TEG) as technicians know that’s famous production for antifreeze and other major industries, in too many raw materials we have fair experience. Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd  Malaysia has exceptional rubber productions (RPO, SBR, PBR) with export license from Malaysian government (W/01/16896)  with tough level and suitable price. With close supervision from the sending stage to the clearance stage Panorama global trading is here for your needs.